Resysta® – One material – endless possibilities

Extrudable, long-lasting, easy to care and 100% recyclable – a material ahead of this time

Already today, the natural fiber compound meets tomorrows technical and ecological demands.

Owing to its durability and sustainability, completely new designs are possible. Resysta® is processed to look and feel like wood and represents an attractive and sustainable alternative to the use of wood.

Green Product Award Winner 2018

Not only the natural look and feel of precious wood and 100% water resistance, but especially the comprehensive and sustainable concept behind the material Resysta convinced the Green Product Award jury and it chooses Resysta for this year's winner in the category architecture.

Since 2013, the Green Product Award has awarded innovative, sustainable design products for sustainable consumption. In 2018 over 400 manufacturers and designers of 25 nations applied. Each submission is assessed thoroughly by a specialist jury in terms of design, innovation and, above all, sustainability. The Resysta material not only convinced by using waste materials and local resources for production, but also by its own recycling network, which allows the production of equivalent new products from old products.

Discover the formula for the future.


Water-resistant, sustainable and barely distinguishable from tropical wood

Specially designed for outdoor use.

Resysta® profiles are 100% free of wood components and are thus water-resistant, do neither split, nor swell, nor tear and are resistant to fungus and insect infestation. At the same time, this extraordinary material is colour-resistant and convinces with its longevity and low-maintenance.

Discover the versatile capablilities.

Resysta® - UPB

Resysta® - Decking

Resysta® - Facade

Resysta® - Solid Profile Strips

Resysta® - Colour-Concept

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