Resysta®Solid Profile Strips

Solid Profile Strips

The combination of innovative material properties and classic wood design ensure a modern and long-lasting look. Particularly solid profile strips withstand even extreme temperature and environmental influences. Resysta® solid profile strips can even be built directly into the ground. The surface of Resysta® retains its original color for a long time even without care. Natural wood turns gray due to the weather influences and the typical silver-gray patina develops within 12 months.

Resysta® solid profile strips provide all options for the design of outdoor seating and table surfaces.

visual comparison of Resysta® and hard wood after 24 months

Vergleich von Resysta® zu herkömmlichen Hölzern

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Solid Profile Strips made of Resysta® - The Advantages

  • sustainable materials are increasingly being dictated for facilities in public areas of cities and municipalities

  • weather-resistant, UV-resistant, no graying, no rotting

  • diverse design options, variety of colors, various decorative profile slats

  • color and surface resistant, no cracking, no time-consuming repairs, grinding & painting, no flaking of the surface

  • easy-care and durable

  • durability class 1 against fungal attack

  • easy installation

  • sustainable and recyclable