Resysta® Colour Concept

Specifically matched surface products



One material – endless possibilities

Resysta® when untreated has a beautifully warm, natural colouring. Surface applications provide an individual colour design.


From teak to violet – the Resysta® Colour Concept allows you to customize your decking profile to your heart’s content – with natural glazes or opaque colours, for instance. The colour chart includes carefully selected shades. We will do our best to make every wish come true – and we almost certainly can provide your favourite colour.

The special feature is again based on the extraordinary material. Due to the fact that Resysta® does not absorb water, flaking of the colour will not occur. Thanks to solar irradiation (UV exposure), the applied colour becomes even more intense in the long term. In addition, Resysta® can be sealed with a special protective lacquer.