GerconaFinishing Panels

Finishing Panels

The core business activity of our partner Nobilpan S.p.A.

Wooden based panels are the natural basis for the Nobilpan coating process, with which a variety of different effects, textures and colored surfaces can be achieved: real wood, fabric, painted wall, natural stone or even metal.

There is no limit to the imagination of the manufacturers of the surface material. Nobilpan carefully assesses not only the quality, variety and advantages of the products offered, but also the environmental friendliness that goes with the modern equipment and technology at the selected suppliers.

The Nobilpan Coating Process

The Nobilpan coating process, providing raw boards with decorative foils by means of special adhesives on one or both sides, has developed technically over the years and enables the production of realistic and aesthetically attractive boards. Nobilpan's 40 years of experience has helped develop a coating process that guarantees durable, high quality boards, reduces costs and minimizes environmental impact.

A wide variety of applications

Nobilpan offers special and exclusive customization services that qualify them as the perfect partner for customers. Boards made by Nobilpan can be used for a variety of applications, including: household furniture and interior furnishings, furniture and interior walls for recreational vehicles such as caravans, motor homes and mobile homes, exhibition stand construction, motor and sailing yachts, transport and construction.


Base Boards

  • plywood 2.7 - 28 mm, mainly poplar guaranteed from sustainable plantations

  • MDF / HDF boards 1.6 - 25 mm

  • chipboard 2.3 - 30 mm

  • hardboard 1.6 - 12 mm

  • multilayer boards

  • lightweight sandwich panels


  • width up to 2.200 mm

  • length up to 5.600 mm

Choice of Surfaces

  • decorative foils (finish foils) ALSO ANTIBACTERIAL

  • plastic films PVC / PP / PO

  • primer films

  • pressure laminates (CPL)

  • decorative laminates (HPL)


  • fixed-size cuts of raw and coated panels on modern CNC controlled board sizing systems

  • delivery of raw wooden based boards